What's New with 13th & East

New Single - "Picture"

The relationship between a parent and child isn't always easy, especially when the child becomes mature and strikes out on their own. Do they approve of my chosen profession? Am I living up to their expectations? Are they proud of…

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New Single - "In the Moment"

The passage of time brings with it the uncertainty of the future, the lure of the past, and hoping that it's not too late to find what you're looking for in life.

13th & East has a new single out…

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New Single - "Coming Down"

Everyone is eventually faced with the fact that they're no longer young anymore. Your whole life is no longer in front of you. That youthful feeling of immortality has long since left you, and you're not cherished and loved the…

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New Single - "1989"

Sometimes you wish you could go back in time to when things were more simple and carefree, when you felt like the whole world was laid out in front of you for the taking. We have another new single, out…

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New Single - "Wash Away"

A "born to lose" kind of guy, reminiscing about past love and the highs and lows that come with it. We have another new single, out now, and it's called "Wash Away". 

The writing for this one started in early…

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New Single - "A Dozen Times"

How many mistakes does a person have to make before they catch on that it may be self-destructive behavior? We have a new single out and it's called "A Dozen Times", touching on the subject of bad choices and the…

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New Single - "No Regret"

We're back with another new single. This one is called "No Regret", and from my notes it was early April of 2021 when we made the first scratch recording of this track. It's an easy-going tune, featuring an acoustic guitar…

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New Single - "Living Again"

Another day, and another new single! This one is called "Living Again", and we first started on it in late February of 2021. Al likes to say that the start of this song "slams you in the face", and I…

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Two for Tuesday - Two New Singles!

It's "Two for Tuesday" here, as we're excited to release two new singles, "Too Late", and "Psychotic Break".

The first track, "Too Late", was the first single we began working on after the release of our EP, "Lost Time". The…

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New Single - "Trouble"

We've just released our fourth single, "Trouble". It's a slow rocker, with a little bit of country in it, and includes a slide guitar and a banjo. That's right, a banjo! 

We hope you enjoy listening to it. If…

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